Terms and Conditions of our Salon

Terms and Conditions of our Salon

“In purpose of our customers to enjoy our treatments pleasantly, “”Beauty Veil by HappyMagicNAIL”” notify our valuable customers about terms and conditions.”

◆Our Salon System

※Reservation for normal treatments, we receive reservations by telephone calls, emails and/or internets.
“Please kindly understand that when we receive reservations by e-mails or internets, we may need to give priority to reservations by telephone calls since we need some time to update reservation when it by e-mails or internets.
In such a case, we may request to change reserved schedule even e-mails or internets reservations done, for completed reservations by telephone call from another customer, before e-mails or internets reservation updated.”

Please let us gently recommend customers to contact us earlier if customer has any specific preferable schedules.

Moreover please understand that we may request to wait before the treatments even customers reserved specific date and time, according to high seasons and/or salon crowdedness.
Please kindly understand above as we will make best efforts to serve to customers as soon as possible.

◆Cancellation or/and Lateness without Notify

※Please be aware as we deem 20 mins and more lateness, as a cancelation.
Please kindly make sure to inform us in case of lateness.

※Cancelation of internets reservations, we accept it until 6 hours before the treatment. Cancellation of telephone call or e-mails reservations (treatments before noon t), we accept it until 9PM of the day before treatment.
We may request customers to bear the 50 % of reserved treatment fee, in the case of three times cancellations and/or schedule changing after above deadline.
We may also request customers to bear 100% of reserved treatment fee, in the case of twice cancellations without notify.

※We may change the contents of reserved treatments in case of customers lateness.